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Combination Set
(a rule, a square, a mitre, a center square, a bevel protractor, a level and a scriber)


square head를 이용하여 edge에 수직선 긋기

조합직각자를 사용하여 공작물의 edge에 수직선을 그린다.

square head를 이용하여 edge에 평행선 긋기

center head를 이용하여 원형단면에 중심선 긋기

protractor head를 이용하여 임의 각도선 긋기

steel rule를 수직으로 세워 놓고 눈금치수 옮기기

Multiuse Rule/Gages

multi-use rule/gages
  1. 4" rule is graduated in 64ths & mm.
  2. Drill point gage is used for checking 59deg angle drill points.
  3. Bevel protractor is used for measuring and laying out angles.
  4. Center finder locates centers of shafts or circles.
  5. Circle divider (up to nine equal parts) is used for dividing circles into sectors, regular polygons, and polygrams.
  6. Tap and drill table shows popular tap sizes with correct drill sizes for national form of thread.
  7. Made of long-wearing stainless steel.

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