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Milling Cutter

plain cutter

The plain milling cutter is a cylinder made of tool steel with teeth on the periphery. It is used to produce a flat surface.

side cutter

The side milling cutter is a comparatively narrow cylindrical cutter with teeth on each side as well as on the periphery. It is used for cutting slots and for face and straddle milling operations.

총형 cutter

The formed milling cutter incorporates the exact shape of the part to be produced, permitting exact duplication of irregularly shaped parts more economically than most other means.

angular cutter

The angular cutter has teeth that are neither parallel nor perpendicular to the cutting axis. It is used for milling angular surfaces, such as grooves, serrations, chamfers, reamer teeth, etc.
The single-angle cutter has teeth on the conical surface and may or may not have teeth on the flat side.

    double-angle cutter     single-angle cutter
metal-slitting saw

The metal-slitting saw is basically a thin plain milling cutter with sides relieved or "dished" to prevent rubbing or binding when in use.
두께 0.8 ~ 5 mm

正面 cutter(face cutter)

The facing milling cutter is generally over 6 inches in diameter and the corners of this cutter are bevelled ; most of the cutting action occurs at these points and the periphery of the cutter. This type of cutter is often used as a combination cutter, making the roughing and finishing cut in one pass.

수직식 milling machine에서 정면절삭(facing)을 한다.

end mill(endmill)

The end mill has cutting teeth on the end as well as on the periphery and is fitted to the spindle by a suitable adapter.
straight flute endmill         right spiral flute endmill
corner rounding endmill         threaded shank ball endmill
dovetail endmill         woodruff endmill

endmill의 연삭법을 보여준다.

fly cutter

The fly cutter is a single-pointed cutting tool with the cutting end ground to the desired shape. It is mounted in a special adapter or arbor.

fly cutter

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