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The oxy acetylene welding hoses are made out of a durable rubber that is designed to withstand different pressures. There are several things to remember about the hoses:

  1. Red = Fuel
  2. Green = Oxygen
  3. Do not kink hoses.
  4. Keep hoses away from work area.
  5. Wrap hoses when not in use.
  6. Keep hoses away from sparks and hot metal.

Hose fittings

  1. Acetylene fitting are notched.
  2. Acetylene fittings are left hand thread.
  3. Oxygen fittings are smooth.
  4. Oxygen fittings are right hand thread.
  5. Both tanks should always be fitted with anti flash back arrestors.

산소 hose(녹색 또는 흑색)

acetylene hose(적색)

twin hose

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