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(1) crank와 slotted rocker arm의 기구에 의하여 ram이 운동하는 shaper

위의 것과 약간 다른 형태의 shaper 기구(기본적으로는 같음)

In the left illustration, the bull gear b, driven by drive pinion a, revolves about the large boss c, extending off support d. The slotted section e, is pivoted about f, which is bored eccentric in boss c. g, a pin that is fixed in bull gear b, is free to slide in a slot in the back of e. As b revolves, it forces e to revolve about f, but owing to the eccentric position of f, the pin l makes one half revolution while the gear revolves from h to i, and the other half while the gear revolves from i to h. k which pins the link m, to the ram n, can be lossened to position the ram where required.
As can be seen, this type of actuation makes for a simple frame for the saddle o in which the ram reciprocates, to traverse the machine. This is also a motion that the majority of mechanical slotting machines utilised.

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