Confusing word-2
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  1. small & little, big & large, tall & high
  2. takeout vs. to go
  3. do vs. make
  4. assure vs. ensure vs. insure
  5. seem vs. appear
  6. used to vs. would-1
  7. used to vs. would-2
  8. used to vs. would-3
  9. used to vs. would will-4
  10. embarrassed vs. ashamed
  11. split infinitive
  12. 헷갈리는 전치사 10묶음
  13. Confusing Words (45 min)
  14. at school vs. in school-1
  15. at school vs. in school-2
  16. at school vs. at the school-3
  17. will, be going to vs. be v-ing-1
  18. will, be going to vs. be v-ing-2
  19. be going to vs. be v-ing-3
  20. What about..? vs. How about..?
  21. gone to vs been to vs been in
  22. want to vs. would like to
  23. try and vs. try to
  24. between vs. among
  25. Among vs. Amid
  1. speak English vs. speak in English
  2. if vs. whether by Adam
  3. if vs. whether VOA-1
  4. if vs. whether VOA-2
  5. basement vs. cellar
  6. fill out vs. fill in vs. fill up
  7. so vs. so that
  8. already vs. still vs. yet-1./ -2/ -3
  9. home vs. house-1
  10. home vs. house-2
  11. apply to vs. apply for
  12. good vs. well-1
  13. good vs. well-2
  14. 각종 병 표현
  15. in, within, after
  16. American & British grammar
  17. provide w[th vs. provide for (to)-1/ -2
  1. fare, fee, fine, price, cost, charge
  2. apply to와 apply for
  3. near, beside, next to vs. close to
  4. farther/further, lose/loose, accept/except
  5. lie/lay, affect/effect, than/then
  6. think about vs. think of-1/ -2
  7. jealous vs. envious
  8. appointment vs. reservation
  9. colleague vs. co-worker
  10. young vs. younger
  11. someday vs. one day
  12. How about? vs. What about?
  13. have vs. eat
  14. customer vs. client
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