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목재의 접합(wood joint)

A wood joint is the intersection where two wood pieces are joined together to create furniture and other structures. Wood joints utilize fasteners, bindings, wood elements or adhesives and help to enhance strength, flexibility, hardiness and appearance on furniture or structures. The basic types of wood joints are butt, rabbet, lap, dovetail, miter and tongue and groove.

목편의 조립
  1. 맞대기접합(butt joint)
  2. 합좌접합(rabbet joint)
  3. 홈접합(dado joint)
  4. 구멍과 장부접합(mortise and tenon joint)
  5. 경사접합(miter joint)
  6. 주먹맞춤접합(dove tail joint)
  7. 판맞대기접합(flat butt joint)
  8. key 박음 장부접합(keyed mortise and tenon joint)
  9. 쐐기박음 장부접합(wedged mortise and tenon joint)
[(a)는 못에 의한 접합, (g)는 파형못에 의한 접합으로서 깍아 맞추기에서 예외됨]

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