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   수평식 Boring Machine(Horizontal Boring Machine)

The horizontal boring mill is not a high-volume production machine. Instead, it’s a versatile machine able to conform to a number of machining operations including boring, drilling, milling, reaming, tapping, threading, turning, shaping, forming and duplication. Machines such as the horizontal boring machine were made precisely for their rigidity and versatility. The horizontal boring mill was developed to perform a number of applications in just one setup. For example, a workpiece can be produced by carrying it from one machine to another of the four basic types; lathe, drill, mill and planer & shaper. Manufacturing parts by moving them from one machine to another is impractical, especially involving large and heavy pieces. Also, every time a part was moved to another machine, new possibilities for error would be introduced and difficult to hold close tolerances.

horizontal table type boring machine(쌍주식)


horizontal table type boring machine(단주식)

CNC horizontal table type boring machine(단주식)

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