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Knuckle joint Press

The slide is connected to the crankshaft by a linked knuckle mechanism whose weight is offset by the counterbalance. This mechanism transfers the revolution of the crankshaft to the up and down motion of the slide, achieving a mechanical advantage to supplies very high tonnage near the bottom of the stroke.

Knuckle joint press is ideal for manufacturing high precision parts .material saving compared to conventional machining process is 40% or more. Because of high surface finish & accuracy. These cold formed parts are on increasing demand. Our knuckle joint press as a general practice are provided with mechanical ejector which takes the drive from the crank shaft thus the whole mechanism is synchronised. The ejection stroke is adjustable. Energy consumption through Reduced motor power lowers the unit cost.
Knuckle joint press is ideal for forming operation where close tolerance is required. It is designed for operation requiring slow but high force at lower zone of the stroke, suited, therefore for coining, extruding, sizing, embossing and thick plate balancing etc.
By virtue of the linkage system, the ram speed is very low as it approaches the BDC. This low punch entry speed allows enough time to plastic flow of material during the critical cold forming zone. This feature also helps to forming of different shapes.
The frame is rigid built from fusion welding quality steel plates, premachined & preloaded, on the load bearing surfaces during welding, stress-relieved & then accurately machined. openings are provided in uprights for material movement across.
DRIVE The shafts are made of forged carbon alloy steel ,gear in cast -steel and pinion in forged alloy steel. The teeth are made helical for higher capacity press. All pins are forged carbon alloy steel. All bearing and contact surfaces are ground.
SLIDE The slide both upper and lower are single cast steel pieces hinged to upper link and lower link respectively through pins housed and profusely lubricated inside the slides. One pair of pneumatic cylinders counter-balances the self weight of lower slide. The lower slide is provided with knock-out bar generally one number. Unlike other press, the slide adjustment mechanism is on the upper slide which has taper-plate arrangement at the top-one fixed to slide and the other is moved (slided) horizontally either manually or through an electric motor drive.
Clutch & Brake generally combined is multi-disc type with non-asbestos liners. Profuse fins in the castings help to dissipate heat. Designed for instant engagement and disengagement and, easily accessible for maintenance. The brake is spring-released automatically when the clutch is engaged.

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