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압연(壓延; rolling)

Rolling is reducing or changing the cross-sectional area of a workpiece by the compressive forces exerted by rotating rolls. The original material fed into the rolls is usually an ingot from a foundry. The largest product in hot rolling is called a bloom; by successive hot- and then cold-rolling operations the bloom is reduced to a billet, slab, plate, sheet, strip, and foil, in decreasing order of thickness and size. The initial breakdown of the ingot by rolling changes the coarse-grained, brittle, and porous structure into a wrought structure with greater ductility and finer grain size.

열간압연에서는 내부까지 조직이 치밀하게 된다.
냉간압연에서는 주로 표면의 조직이 치밀하게 된다.

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